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New song up

2010-04-03 16:29:15 by MrAw3s0me

Finally finiched my new song , blind wishes , wich is now on my facebook and on youtube , the real complete version will be for my CD , but i just cutted the intro , ill post a demon on NG her eis the link to the song

On facebook _ Blind wishes

On youtube _ Blind Wishes

spent alots of time on mastering and on sample designing but im finally done with thsis , congrat meh ! yeh !

New song up


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2010-04-05 23:43:29


I want that CD D:

Sadly I'm a poor little man so I probably won't/can't get it. I reeaally want to hear the full song though...... I love your trance chillout songs.

Good luck ;)

MrAw3s0me responds:

oh well actually i got 3 tracks up for a possible CD , need 5 more , i will continue to upload full version on youtube and fb , thx for support ;)