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New song up

2010-04-03 16:29:15 by MrAw3s0me

Finally finiched my new song , blind wishes , wich is now on my facebook and on youtube , the real complete version will be for my CD , but i just cutted the intro , ill post a demon on NG her eis the link to the song

On facebook _ Blind wishes

On youtube _ Blind Wishes

spent alots of time on mastering and on sample designing but im finally done with thsis , congrat meh ! yeh !

New song up

FL9 + sample pack

2010-01-14 20:44:31 by MrAw3s0me

Got Fl9 XXl producer edition Yay ! , also i just received my world sample CD so now i can finally complete my instrumental progression of my trances with tribal percs , bongos, flutes..... and more !

Here is a new song i made , called Rays Of White

hello !

2009-10-04 10:46:14 by MrAw3s0me

so yea , finally got a certain control over 3xOsc and Ts404 , making your own instruments is soooo much nice ! Its the start of something bigger into the world of trance !


2009-07-14 11:34:39 by MrAw3s0me

i discovered the real power of 3xosc and ts404 , also , i dont know anything about what knobs do in the equalizer . That mean i must study and learn the fully potential of these then make some BADDASS TRANCE / TECHNO !!!!!!!!!!!


Working on Graphism !

2009-07-07 17:48:26 by MrAw3s0me

heya all , im starting working on graphism , so i try to make logo of my nickame , here is a start , my first try ! :DD

Working on Graphism !

Hey hey

2009-06-20 15:44:28 by MrAw3s0me

Finally its vacation all ! Make love and be happy !
i finished highschool , and now i can go to Cegep ( canada) !

I would like to link you my two best songs so far , it needs support ! If you like my music style , don't forget to add meh to your fav!! and lets all party together :D , xD.

Ok here is the first :
{para}_Power Of Pleasure_{Nox}

Then the second , which took meh some time to make cuz i was sick like hell , also mastering was rough but i finally finished it , my first ruler is : Neva let the work unfinished ! :D

Also, i would like to show u guys my motivating song for this summer , u know , the kind of song that u listen to makie u smile ? Well , happy watchin' ! :DD

/* */
Love ya all ! and have a nice dayyy ! ;)

'zzzup !

2008-08-15 22:39:34 by MrAw3s0me

im on a style evolution , i try to perfection my trance style and my style bass , basically with 3xosc.
What a great tool ! Hehe

Everyone who support by voting and commenting my song are awesome hehe (exept zerobombers ofc)

Have a Nice day :D